Friday, March 06, 2015

No Wasted Suffering

I understand that I haven’t necessarily earned a Medal of Honor, or anything like that, but giving up both my favorite lime-green ear-buds AND a big fat grudge against God, all in one day, deserves, I would think you would agree, at least some recognition.


Oh, wow!  I am so very sorry for your loss. If that happened to me, I would have been mad at God for at least a month. Maybe even a year! You must be a saint.


That REALLY stinks.  Will you allow me to buy you another pair?  I know nothing can ever replace your precious lime-green ones, but at least I can try? Would Beats do? Perhaps we can stop by Marble Slab afterwards, just to make it up a little bit for the pain and grief you’ve endured today. And while we are eating waffle bowls with extra toppings, you can tell me all about how difficult it must have been to go through such turmoil, all in one day!

I don’t think I am expecting too much. It's just... it's just that I want my suffering to count for... something.

Because, there is nothing quite abhorrent in my book as wasted suffering.

When my husband comes home that night, before the front door is quite shut behind him, I greet him with,

I lost my iPod…

And his eyes grow really, really big, and he takes in a really really big breath…

But before he exhales, or explodes, whichever,  I quickly finish my sentence...

… my iPod ear-buds. The lime-green ones.  My favorite! 

My voice quivers a little, and I get misty eyed a bit, re-living the trauma.

He exhales a huge sigh of what sounds to me like… relief?

He resumes his normal breathing patter before he drives the final nail into my coffin:

Just the ear-buds? Right? Not the iPod? Just your iPod ear-buds?

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