Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Phantom Ear-bud Syndrome

Even though the ear-buds are gone, I still feel them like little lime-green wiry ghosts securely attached to my ears.  

It must be the Phantom Ear-bud Syndrome

I can even hear – at first loud and clear, but with time softer and softer – my favorite playlist.

Or, should I say, what used to be my favorite playlist.

For, curiously, I find that what once was a sound of heavenly escape, an oasis of peace and tranquility in the midst of the sea of turmoil suddenly feels more like noise pollution, something similar to trying to listen to your beloved radio station after somebody was messing with the tuning dial causing it to slip a notch or two from the right frequency.

I feel like I need an auditory detox!

My phantom ear-bud syndrome and its little ‘auditory detox’ side-effect make me notice something conspicuous about the people I pass on my morning walk.

They all have their ears happily plugged with their own version of my lime-green buds.

Young mother in yoga pants pushing a double-stroller.

The buffed-up guy showcasing his physique by wearing a tight black tank top.  I can recognize the beat from the way he speed-walks.

A bunch  of sleepy middle schoolers shuffling across the street oblivious to the second bell.

A  health-and-wellness conscious middle-aged couple.

The last two make a particularly curious pair.  They must be attempting to carry on a conversation with their ear-buds in.  I don’t think they realize it, but they look like two raving lunatics yelling at each other from the top of their lungs.  

It's actually quite entertaining. 

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