Monday, March 16, 2015

The Writer's Choice

At this point in the story, the tension for some of us can become unbearable.

Living with tension is tough. Some of us feel we must resolve it, get the immediate closure. 

We don't want to walk the tight rope.  We want to cut it!

The story, for example, could suddenly take a sharp turn, and even end – happily end - right here.  Right now.

I could, for example, take things in my own hands.  I am an adult, for heaven’s sake! I am in charge. I could  shorten the misery by hopping into the car, driving over to Best Buy and purchase a replacement set  Or, even better, order them on line and have them delivered to my doorstep.  I may even get free shipping.

When the package arrives, I would rip it open, plug my ears back up and  resume where I left off – humming blissfully to John Legend’s All of Me.

I could do that.

Or, perhaps, I could add a little intrigue, a little spirituality and mystique, and have my old buddy-buds mysteriously re-appear on my front door step.  Hung from the faded door knob by an invisible hand, a kind of deus-ex-machina. 

This may imply I have some special connection, special strings I could pull in order to get this vending-machine-god to deliver just what I want just when I want it. Even the great writers like Euripides and Shakespeare resorted to such literary devices. If it’s good enough for them, it certainly has to be good enough for me!

I am honestly tempted to choose one of these two approaches. Some may consider them cowardly, but who cares? If I am happily plugged back into my favorite playlist,  happily deaf to the unpleasant realities around me – who’s gonna blame me?

We could all live happily ever after. End of story.  The end.

I could do that. 

But, see, here's the problem. My friend Susan, my wonderful, faithful cheer-leader friend would have none of these shortcuts. She thinks that I need to chose C. 

Not A. 

Not even B.  

But C! 

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