Friday, March 08, 2013

Then the LORD God Fashioned a Woman

You know her when you see her.

She may be young or middle-aged or older; the truth is that she appears timeless in her beauty regardless of her chronological age. There’s simply something about her that you can’t quite put your finger on.

In her eyes you see a full range of emotions burning in a complex conflagration of passion for life. There’s a twinkling hint of humor, a compassionate spark of understanding, a flicker of attitude, a blaze of humility and a touch of confidence fueled by a lifetime of faithfulness to her unique calling and to her Lord.

Like a vintage wine crafted with care from the finest grapes of the heartiest vineyards, this kind of leading lady becomes only more exquisite as she ages. She has learned to give herself away to those around her and beyond, pouring the sweet essence of her wine into each glass at her table.

Men find themselves attracted to the vitality and unself-concious ease with which she returns their gaze.

Women find themselves wanting to draw closer to this magnetic creature’s radiant femininity and undeniable strength.

There’s no sense of regret or resentment clouding her eyes about what might have been in her life. For she knows that her God has allowed all the odd assortment of events and emotions, losses and gains, to shape who she is, as His beautiful creation.

Adapted from “God’s Leading Lady” - T.D. Jakes

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