Friday, March 15, 2013

Speedy Stampede to Succeed

I close my eyes as I savor the unspeakable relief, the marvel of the incredible deal, and the freedom, all dancing together somewhere deep down, threatening to bubble up to the surface, knock down my self-possessed exterior and burst out into the sunshine… It smells like rain and grass and star jasmine and …a ham sandwich!

He interrupts my internal foxtrot,  I stopped by Subway on the way here… I am kind of hungry. It’s already after noon. Wan’na eat?

We sit down on the damp grass under the tree and unwrap the sandwiches.

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? 
I ask between the bites. He looks at me like I have just landed from a different planet.

Why in the world would I ever want to do that?!!!

Spread your wings. Branch out. I see that you are good at what you do. There is a method to your madness.
I smile sheepishly, before continuing. You could get on Facebook, post your success stories, advertise your trophies, invite a bunch of people to like you, hire a marketing guru and web developer - they could really help you spiff up your image. Become successful. Famous. Independent!

I am getting quite excited thinking of all the ways I can help him succeed.  

What does any of that have to do with gardening?!!!  

I am so carried away that it takes me several moments to be able to even compute his question.  Taking advantage of my stunned silence, he adds,

Plus, I really enjoy working with my dad. Everything I know, I learned from him.

Now, see… in my book, that’s classified under ‘weird’.

Oh, really?!!! I didn’t realize you wrote a book. And you don’t think there is anything weird about inviting people to’ like’ you on Facebook? Or’ follow’ you on Twitter? Do they really like you? Would they follow you in real life?

I stare at him at a loss of how to respond.  Then I begin slowly,

Well, if I were to be really honest, I would admit it does feel a little awkward… self-promoting… but everyone is doing it.  It’s the age that we live in.  It's all a part of the game. You gotta keep up…

You do?!!! And since when ‘everyone is doing it’ has become the measure of what is good, and right, and true?

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