Monday, March 04, 2013

No Better Time Than... Next Week!

When do we start? I ask, doing a quick mental scan of my schedule. Perhaps tomorrow? Or maybe next week – yea, that’s definitely better. My schedule is pretty full….

Today… we start today… in fact, right now. 
He says matter-of-factly and walks toward the trailer.

Right now?!!! But… but… 
I stammer suddenly at a loss of all the brilliant reasons why this is not a good time. I can’t…

I thought we had a deal.

We DO. Yes.  Absolutely. But, right now?!! This is not the most convenient time…

Who said anything about convenience? 
He reaches into the trailer, grabs a small toolbox and looks at me.  I look at the box. Then I look at the trailer with all the cool apps and widgets and power tools. Then I look at him.

Aren’t you going to use some of your power tools… that’s what all the pros do?

Nah... I use those only when absolutely necessary. They raise way too much dust and make way too much noise. I prefer working in the quiet.

Isn’t that a terribly time-consuming and inefficient way to run a business?

Actually, it’s more efficient in the long run… plus I have all the time in the world…

Well, I don’t. I snap, feeling quite restless all of a sudden. If you want to start now, we start NOW with… repairing the sprinkling system. I keep running over the heads with the lawnmower…my husband can’t keep up with the repairs. And, as I am sure you already know, it’s impossible to have a lawn without a sprinkling system…

It is?!!  His eyes spring wide open in mock surprise. I didn’t realize that. Don’t you have a garden hose?

Of course we do. At least four... maybe six.

One is usually enough.

For what?!!

For watering the garden.

And who is supposed to stand here with the garden hose and water the garden every day?!!!

Who do YOU think?

Certainly not me!

It’s YOUR yard.

You are crazy! I don’t have that kind of time on my hands!

We always have time for what we love… In fact, this is my prescription for you for the next several weeks. Do not use sprinkling system. Just the garden hose. Every morning… or evening.
 He added, If you prefer. I’ll be here with you.

Now I know for sure that you have landed here from a different planet! For no person on this planet has this kind of time to waste on such frivolous activities.
 I fume under my breath.

It’s not going to be wasted. He says. I promise.

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