Monday, March 11, 2013

Sir, We Got a Problem!

I am amazed that the tiny trickle from the old garden hose can affect so much change in our landscape in such a short time. Having suffered through years of severe drought, I thought that even the Niagara Falls wouldn’t be sufficient to quench the thirst of my parched lawn. But, today I begin to notice a discernible difference, for there are little soft tufts of genuine green popping up throughout our yard. The sight makes me more ecstatic than winning a Better Homes and Gardens Yard of the Month award.

I am a REAL gardener now!
 I am so absolutely beside myself that I can’t wait to get on line and share my most recent success with all my Facebook friends. I take carefully framed pictures of my yard to upload as evidence. While standing precariously on my head, looking for the best angle to capture my astonishing feat without disclosing too much of the rest of the story I see something that threatens to pop my bubble.

Sir, we GOT a PROBLEM! 
I announce in an expert voice. Having just grown my very first green thing I officially crossed over into the murky waters of the certified Know-it-All.

We do? He tilts his head sideways, trying to look me in the eye as I am still in my awkwardly contorted position holding the camera for that just-perfect Facebook shot.

Yes! Can’t you see this?? THIS?
 I point at the green stalk growing right out of my nostril. This, Sir, is a WEED! Genus -Digitaria Haller. Family Poaceae. Order Cyperales. That water of yours presumably can't tell the difference between a weed and a plant!

I see…
 He is neither impressed nor defensive.

So, what are you going to DO about it? 
I demand, finally straightening out, cracking the stiffness out of my neck.

What do you suggest that we do? He answers the question with the question. I hate when he does that.

It’s a no-brainer. We deal with it as we should with all the weeds. We kill, destroy, uproot, annihilate… There is a whole big-buck industry devoted to...

Leave it alone. 

Excuse me?

I said, Leave it alone. 

I heard what you said. Remember, you just cleaned my ears. 

I just started cleaning your ears… you have…

What kind of gardener are you?!!
I interrupt. How in the world can you put up with all these weeds?!!

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