Friday, June 06, 2014

If Not Me, Who?

I suppress the mixture of equal doses of outrage and guilt and force myself to press on through the letter:

The time children spend in 5th grade is critical. It is time for students to develop the foundations for organization, responsibility and independence in addition to their rigorous learning. Continuity and routine are also important factors at this grade level.  The administration at our school is aware of the critical need to develop these important skills.  The 5th grade team, our guidance counselor and I are working diligently to make this a smooth transition for our students.

I re-read the paragraph because it articulates it so well... it explains better than I ever could the concerns that any parent would have under the circumstances.  

Developing the foundations of organization and responsibility.



Learning environment.


But part of me wants to stomp into the school office and tell the principal how she should do her job.  I want to point out that with a little bit of planning and forward-thinking, the use of statistics and area demographic projections  all of us could have been spared a lot of unnecessary drama and trauma and gross disruption with unforeseeable ramifications.  The sad reality is that for some kids - perhaps even many kids - school is the only place where they get to experience a semblance of stable environment, continuity and routine. (Of course, that's a topic for another story, so let me continue with this one)

Isn’t that her job??? I ask myself,  To take the letter of the law and use her judgment and discretion to apply it, like a wise judge would, to the best interest of those for whose protection and provision the law was created in the first place. 

The more I think of it, the more upset I get. 

In fact, I want to meet with her and the guidance counselor and the area superintendent and spell all this out in their face so there is no confusion. 

If not me, then who?  If not now, when? It's what good moms are supposed to do, isn't it? 

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