Monday, December 23, 2013

When Miracles and Misery Coexist

While Zach and Liz’s home is overwhelmed with joy and awe over the double-miracle,  the celebration and the wonder of almost palpable God-presence reverberating from the epicenter of their house out all the way into the hill country of Judea, Joe is undergoing personal hell.

Funny how that happens... how miracles and misery can coexist not just on the same planet, on the same continent, in the same country, in the same city... but even in the same family!

The outlandish rumors had reached Joe's ears while he was daydreaming in his carpenter shop, taking advantage of the lunch break to work on the headboard of his soon-to-be marriage bed.  He dismissed the senseless words as outrageous.  Idle people come up with the most absurd things when they should be minding their own business.  Unfortunately, Mary went to see her cousin and wasn't able to silence the vicious rumors herself. Her visit was waaay too long for Joe’s taste. He missed her terribly and he could hardly wait to set his eyes on his loving bride.  And that’s the moment when his entire world collapsed.  The unthinkable DID happen! The vicious rumors of the worst kind were indeed true.  With one look on Mary, Joe’s world collapsed into a million of shattered pieces.

She tried to talk to him.  She truly did. She plead and begged.  She cried and laughed and was not making any sense. No sense at all.  She told him she loved him but it was all empty words… How could she love him and be with a child with another man?!!

And the word that Joe never even dreamt would cross his mind, especially in his relationship with Mary, settled like a hopelessly foreboding cloud.

Divorce. No other way… but… divorce….

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