Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Holy Week Unraveling

Every year starting with Palm Sunday I determine to re-trace His steps as I follow along through Jesus’ last week. This is the culmination of Lental season. The fulfillment of not only so many prophecies but also ageless hopes and dreams of humanity riddled with questions like, 

Where is God when it hurts? 

How can good God allow so much evil in His world? 

I feel like I’ve been sharpening my focus for several weeks now. I am as ready as I ever can be to join the writers of the four gospels who have meticulously recorded the words and events surrounding the Lord’s final moments. 

Earlier in March I even got a jpeg of the Holy Week graph - all I need to do is read through the scripture references that fit inside a given day of the week.

How difficult can it be??

Well, this year I finally figured it out.  It’s not just difficult. 

 It’s impossible!

If you’ve never tried, you wouldn’t understand.

See, there is so much compressed in this one short week.  So much love. And so much hate. There is a ton of hype. Misunderstanding. Cruelty. Intensity. Insanity. Scheming. Betrayal. Denial. More love. More betrayal. I know of no human language which can adequately express the motion, the emotion of this unprecedented week in human history.

Over the years, I learned the harder I try to wrap my mind and heart around it the more the Holy Week seems to unravel.

Stunned silence might be the most appropriate response to what unfolds before our eyes.

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