Monday, January 04, 2016

And the Word of the Year is...

A friend sent me a Happy New Year e-mail and included her Word of the Year choice, accompanied with a lovely explanation as to why this particular word was selected. It was beautiful, and spiritual, and simply perfect.

A Word of the Year!!, I thought, a sudden wave of panic sloshing over my already overwhelmed brain. Damn it! I don’t have a word for 2016!!!

Our lives have been very, very full since Baba’s and Deda’s arrived.  With countless cross-cultural, mulit-generational idiosyncrasies, there has been little brain (or any other!) space for reflective, much less proactive meditation. Our days have blurred into weeks, weeks into an entire month. The ball on Time’s Square has come and gone, all the confetti already swept off the New York City streets.

Yet, my Word for the Year basket remained empty!

That’s not a way to start a New Year. At least not for a writer.

Writers know the power of the words.  Well-chosen word can accomplish a lot more than much thoughtless busyness or rambling. I consider it not only my privilege but also my honorable duty to the rest of humanity to bring focus and clarity to life by hand-picking with laser-sharp precision a single word out of 1,025,109.8 words that currently exist in English language according to Global Language Monitor
But here we are, the 2016. shamelessly marching on, and still not a single word – out of all those aforementioned 1,025,109.8 - anywhere near my life’s horizon. 

Writer or not, I feel like a total loser.  

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