Saturday, July 07, 2012

Dangerous Discipline of Bible Reading 101 History is His Story!

those who ignore history
are bound to repeat its mistakes

As I said, starting to read Bible as objective, specific, geographic, chronology of events - both personal and national, even global - was... well, eye opening, to say the least. This not only revolutionized my view of history in general, but also redefined my own personal history. Of course, the effect of such drastic paradigm shift reaches far beyond my view and understanding of the past, for they spill into my to-day and reorient my perception of the future.

What once used to be the most boring, out-of-date, instant-insomnia-healer became by far the most rewarding social media hub full of losers and socially awkward freaks just like me. The more I hang out with the likes of Job, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Jeremiah, Daniel, Peter, Paul, John and ultimately Jesus, the more I find them fully 'relatable', even more so than most of my contemporaries...

For these guys are certainly not what I call 'social thermometers' - people governed by majority opinions, polls or the latest political and religious band-wagon all their friends are jumping on. They strike me more like spiritual thermostats, with the Lord God Himself their only setting, to which (or rather to Whom) they refer, and relate, and respond in all the changing circumstances of their ever-turbulent lives.

And I find their God far more reliable and trustworthy than all the pundits interviewed on CNN combined, although at times difficult to see and comprehend for His unorthodox ways of dealing with humanity.

And I am struck by the fact that this God is anything but
mute or

In fact, I find Him the most
unpresumptuous person
with great sense of humor who is also
infinitely patient
towards any idiot like you or me foolish enough to
turn his or her back on the clamor of this world for two and a half seconds and
tune in to His wavelength and
recognize the game of charade everyone is playing and
grasp the overwhelming weight of evidence that speaks for
this seemingly invisible and
seemingly inaudible

And, to our amazement,
in His presence,
we find we grew an extra ear and
developed an additional eye
and we can actually hear Him speak to us
and we can actually see Him who is invisible
and there
in His presence
and more rest...
inexplicable joy...
contentment that surpasses any satisfaction
we may have when we finally
get what we always wanted,
when our thirst is quenched with water
when our hunger is sated with food
when our loneliness is ended with embrace...
And to our surprise
we discover
In Him
and Him alone
we are home
at last.

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