Thursday, August 01, 2013

Growth - The Return of the Gardener Who is Here All Along

Y –y-you a-a-are b-back…I stutter, too stunned for words.

I never left.  The Gardener from Outer Space speaks softly, but to my ears it’s the sound of the rolling thunder and the crash of lightening that splits the rock.

You… you’ve been here… all along…?

Yes…I’ve been here, with you, all along…

I never saw you…

I always see you.  There is a gurgling of a mountain creek mixed with the rumble of thunder in his voice.  

Hearing his voice makes me realize that life without it is like a creek without water, like a bird without a nest... like trying to dance without hearing any music...

So you saw… everything? The Place Where Miracles Happen Every Day? The fake ficus? The notes and the modules? Mrs. Flowers and Mr. Plank?  The dogs and the pony…? … The power mower and the... frog?

Yes. I saw everything…

Everything…?  I see my heart laid bare, and I shut my eyes wide.

Yes, everything. He replies gently.

And you didn’t stop it? You could have stopped it.  You could have stopped me… before I did… this…

I point at the frog next to the welcome mat too humiliated to look. I continue with my eyes superglued to the ground. 

Why? Why did you let me? Why did you... why DO you... allow... all this... to go on - for so long...?

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