Monday, December 24, 2012

The Final Word

After He spoke
Long ago
To the fathers
In the prophets
In many portions and
In many ways,
In these last days
Has spoken
To us
In His Son,
Whom He appointed heir of all things,
Through whom also He made the world. And
He is the radiance of His glory and
The exact representation of His nature, and
Upholds all things by the word of His power.
When He had made purification of sins,
He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high… Hebrews 1:1-3

God spoke… and spoke and spoke… to Adam.  To Cain. To Noah. To Abraham… Moses… Prophets.  To the nation of Israel.  To pagan kings. Sometimes they listened. Most of the time, they didn't. Then, He spoke to Malachi and after that… He stopped talking! The Word became Silent?!!!

And there was Silence. For four hundred years.

There, of course, was still the written word.  The Law of Moses.  The writings of the prophets.  Psalms. Proverbs.Words on paper. Easily ignored.  Easily misunderstood when the heart and the intent of the One who spoke them are not seen and heard in them.  Most of all - disbelieved. 

During this period of silence there emerged a group of people dedicated to understanding, interpreting and applying God’s word to the last letter. They were devoted.  Zealous.  Passionate for all the right things.  Or so they thought.  But when God’s Final Word came, they missed Him completely.  In all their reading and studying, interpreting and applying, they became blind to the Living Breathing Word of God?!!!  What a sobering truth!

This Baby was such a surprise. This Son of Man was such a stumbling block. For the Word came not to be served but to serve.  Not to condemn but to save.  But, instead of being


He became condemned. Cursed. This Word that is Life - died. This Word that is Light descended into darkness.

He who is the fullness of everything, became empty so that by His emptiness we can be filled.

May He fill all your empty places
May He restore all your broken places
May He purify all your dirty places
May He melt all your hardened places
May He free all your enslaved places 
of body and mind
soul and spirit;
so you can serve Him
without fear
in holiness
and righteousness
all the days of your life.

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